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Thinking of Buying a Home in the Portland / Vancouver Area?

The steps to buying a home can be overwhelming especially if you have never done it before. But with the right agent helping along the way, the process can be fun and smooth.

Before looking at any hoVancouver WA home buyersmes there are two things that are a must:

Get a Buyers Agent

Get Pre-approved for a Home Loan

Without these two things, the entire process can be confusing, muddled and frustrating. Let me explain:

It costs buyers nothing to use a buyer's agent. As your Vancouver buyers agent, I only work for you, not any specific seller. My loyalty and dedication is to you. Any financial situations and negotiating tactics are kept confidential and I am not working with any seller to get you to buy a specific home.

Buyers agents get paid commission from half the listing commission on a home. When a seller lists their home, the commission is split between the listing agent and the buyers agent. This doesn't mean I have any hidden agenda to sell you a particular home. I only want the best for you and your family. It really doesn't matter to me which properties you are looking for, if it's a $100,000 condos or upscale neighborhood houses or apartments; only that you are satisfied with your purchase.

As your buyers agent, I negotiate for your terms and your price and keep as many of the cards held in our favor as possible during the transaction. A listing agent wouldn't do this and of course is working for their seller first and foremost. This is exactly the opposite with a buyers agent.

Secondly - You will need to be pre-approved for a home loan before looking at any homes. Unless you are paying cash for a home, knowing up front how much home you can afford helps narrow down your search to homes that you can comfortably afford.

You can do this by sitting down with a lender and discussing your mortgage options. They will determine your income and debts and come up with a price range to search in. Be sure to go a little over and a little under your range to account for a lower offer submission or homes that are priced just under your Portland OR home buyersminimum.

I would love to help find your perfect Vancouver WA homes or Portland OR real estate. Please contact me anytime for updates on homes, new listings or to get in touch with a lender in your area.

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