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Best Things to do in Vancouver Washington

"Best Things to Do in Vancouver Washington"

Vancouver, Washington.

Have you ever lived in a city for a long time and frequently found yourself saying, "We should really go to that museum. I can't believe we have lived here this long and never gone." Or perhaps you have gone on vacation and remarked on the way home, "If only we would have planned our trip so we could have gone to that amusement park. Maybe we can go there next time we visit." Knowing full well that you missed your only shot to ride that roller coaster. So those of you that live or plan to take a trip to Vancouver, Washington, it might be smart to take special note of this list on the best things to do in Vancouver, Washington. (Please note that even though they are numbered, they are in no particular order).

1. Fort Vancouver National Historic Site: Adult and kid-friendly, hands-on history lesson is the best way to describe this location. From reconstructed buildings to people in period clothing, feeling like you have gone back in time to the early 1800's is an added bonus to this unique site. Make sure to check out the working blacksmith shop and the home of John McLoughlin.

2. Pearson Air Museum: Since this museum is at an actual airfield, not only will you see airplanes in action but you will also learn about the history of aviation in the Pacific Northwest. A flight simulator adds to the intrigue of this location. Also, there is a children's interactive center to explore, aviation films to watch, and a gift shop to buy souvenirs.

3. Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge: A four-mile auto tour or a two-mile hiking trail brings you up close and personal with nature. Over 180 species of birds feed and rest along the Columbia River, but don't be surprised if you see other amazing wildlife as well.

4. Esther Short Park: This historic park is a beautiful setting for your kids to play in the fountain and for you to enjoy the outdoors. During the summer, the park holds festivals and live music and often theatre performances are given at the historic Slocum House located in the southwest corner of the park. Also located west of the park is the Vancouver Farmers Market, which hosts over 150 vendors that sell exotic food, crafts, and local produce.

5. Chelatchie Prairie Railroad: A 1929 steam locomotive allows visitors to take a scenic train ride through north Clark County. From Yacolt to Mouton Falls and Chelatchie Prairie and back, and even through a 330-foot rock tunnel, this ride will inspire you. Add to the scenery a special event, such as a murder mystery, a staged hold-up, or even a casino night and you have the makings of a memory to last a lifetime.

6. Water Resources Education Center: A 350-gallon aquarium with live sturgeon is the highlight of this hands-on learning location. Anyone concerned with the impact of water on wildlife and people would find this location informative and resourceful.

Of course, don't take my word for the best things to do in Vancouver, Washington. Get out there and explore it for yourself. Or simply take a breath and behold the beauty that is around you. Don't let another missed opportunity pass you by while in this great city. Although there are no amusement parks on the list, I think you will find this short but sweet list worth making YOUR list of things to do in Vancouver, Washington, for your next excursion in the area. Of course, if you can't find something that interests you on this list of things to do in Vancouver, Washington—there is always Portland.

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